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Dismantling overwhelm with changemakers everywhere


Feeling Overwhelmed from serving others, but guilty for taking time for yourself?

You can make time for your own happiness and support your community! 

Begin Branching Out

is happiness coaching for over-givers who long to find joy in the present moment, choose what they truly want without guilt, and create space for rest and play.

We help educators, nonprofit advocates, and youth empowering changemakers who take care of everyone else build habits to honor themselves through

  • time-sensitive accountability,
  • one-on-one support, and
  • engaging workshops

that dismantle shame and overwhelm.

Hi there! I'm Erika,

Your Happiness Coach! 

While teaching middle school science in the underprivileged community where I grew up, I was committed to supporting my students to become the best version of themselves, but also burned myself out in the process. 

Then I realized that I can change the world, take care of my community, and have fun too! I call this system...

Scheduling Happiness! 

I help changemakers cultivate the tools & autonomy to:

  • detach their self-worth from capitalist productivity,
  • experience gratitude over guilt, and
  • cultivate happiness within themselves to make space for rest & play.
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Client Testimonials

Hear from amazing happiness schedulers who are dismantling overwhelm and cultivating happiness on their terms!

“Set an intention with this course and as long as you are mindful and dedicated, Erika will give you the gentle yet firm push you need to make the changes in your life that you want to make. Erika is kind, patient, and supportive and she will be with you every step of the way in your personal growth!”

- Bre Legan
Nonprofit Marketing Manager & Creative
bdlDesignStudio (Check out her intriguing art!)


"I can share my inner dialogue with you, and trust that you hear me without judgement and tell me what I need to hear if my mindset is not coming from a healthy place."

- Janet Hsiao
Hydrologist | State of Hawaii

Want to try it out?

Get my Evening GRACE Reflection to end your day by creating spaciousness for gratitude in the present moment. My free resources to help you dismantle overwhelm and cultivate happiness in just 20 minutes!

So changemaker, are you ready to shake the guilt that usually comes with taking a break, resting, playing, or putting yourself first?

Let's hop on a 15-min call to talk about what's going on so you can continue helping others while taking care of yourself!

No pressure, just vibes, and iref we’re a good fit we can see how I can support you or refer you to some of my favorite resources.

I'm down to chat!

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